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About Us

Your Partners For A Better Future

National Social Awareness Foundation

National Social Awareness Foundation of Canada is a not for profit charitable organization. Our goal is to help communities become more aware of the social issues regarding environmental sustainability, well being of women, youth and drugs, and new immigrants in Canada.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote and build our communities strong with the symphony of our multicultural society in Canada, by sharing and caring about our communities and keeping us well informed of social and cultural saga.

Our goal is to build bridges of understanding between ethno-cultural groups, communities, and create an integrated and well blended society for all men & women, seniors, our youth and newcomers to Canada.

Our vision is to promote best practices in environmental and resource management by creating awareness programs to provide knowledge to our communities on responsible and sustainable development on green initiatives.

We promote awareness programs for the community  by conducting various workshops, seminars, events and conferences.


Executive Board:

    Ananya Majumder                    President

    Debkanti Majumder                  Vice President

    Deb Kumar Mukhopadhyay     Treasurer

    Sipra Mukherjee                        Secretary


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